Meet the "Double Dose Sisters"
                       DeeJazz and Hattie Mae

 “DeeJazz”, born Dolores Justianian Jackson in Detroit, Michigan grew up in the glorious Motown era said, “Music was always present in our home. Mom was either playing the piano or playing records by Dinah Washington, The Drifters, Jr. Walker & the All Stars and other Motown greats.  I was greatly influenced by my late Uncle Charles Victor Moore, who bought me my first piano.  He was a renowned trumpet player and bandleader playing to crowds in Detroit, Canada and elsewhere.  In fact he graced his musical presence with Count Basie and his band.”

Dolores began writing poetry in the second grade and was soon plucking the piano with songs she heard on the radio. She started creating melodies and wrote her first song at the age of 13 by combining her poems and her melodies. 

When she was twelve years old her mom introduced her to metaphysics through a book titled “The Game of Life and How to Play It” by Florence Scovell Shinn.  This was the beginning of her quest for spiritual knowledge.  Seeing her interest, her sister Hattie began sharing her vast library of self-help and inspirational books with Dolores.

She honed her lyrical and composing skills over the next three decades, ultimately creating her internationally acclaimed CD "A Musical Messenger" in 2003. She received an endorsement from the esteemed Dr. Maya Angelou.  After hearing her CD, Dr. Angelou invited DeeJazz to sing at Ashford & Simpson's Sugar Bar in New York City where Dr. Angelou stated, "DeeJazz is Unique and Impressive."

DeeJazz tells us that her goal in life is to achieve her highest potential by accomplishing what she was born to do: Sing, Write, Compose and Perform.   She continues to share her inspirational messages on her sophomore CD “Music of Life” just released April 2009


For more than three decades Hattie Pembrook has facilitated classes and presented ideas that encourage, strengthen and inspire.  At a low point in her career she found herself on welfare where she was required to take a motivational/self-help class geared toward employment.  In one semester she went from a student in the class to being the teacher! 

Using stories from her own life and the lives of her family, she authored the books “Messages to Awaken yourSelf’ and “Awaken to the Music of Life.”  Both are companion texts to the powerful, inspirational CDs “A Musical Messenger” and “Music of Life” composed, produced and performed by her sister DeeJazz.  In these insightful books Hattie expounds on the life lessons of the CDs.

Les Brown says, "Hattie Pembrook is one of the most insightful, provocative and talented facilitators in the field of Spiritual Consciousness Growth, teaching people methods that enrich and empower their personal lives."

Hattie is a contributing author to the book, “Chicken Soup for the African American Woman’s Soul” where she reveals the personal story of their interracial mother and the trials and triumphs she faced growing up mulatto in the 40’s and 50’s in Detroit.

DeeJazz says, “Hattie is a way-shower.  Her love and understanding of spiritual ideas is an illuminating doorway on the journey of awakening.”

Hattie is a sought after speaker and can be reached at:





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